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Number of Units Created/Preserved in FY2019
Revenue Bond Rating


Aaa (Moody’s)
Bonds Outstanding as of 6/30/19
$1.4 billion

About IHDA Investor Relations

The Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) is an independent bonding authority created by the state legislature to finance the creation and preservation of affordable housing in Illinois. IHDA accomplishes this mission by selling bonds and other debt instruments (collectively Bonds) in the capital markets and using the proceeds to finance affordable mortgages for low- or moderate-income homebuyers and the production of affordable rental housing. Since it was established in 1967, IHDA has provided more than $18 billion for affordable housing in Illinois.

IHDA’s ability to efficiently and cost-effectively access the bond and capital markets is due to the strength of its issuer credit ratings earned over five decades of consistent financial performance. Due to the Authority’s secure fiscal position, expert operations and long track record of meeting its Bond obligations, IHDA has successfully maintained credit ratings of A1/AA-/AA- from the nationally recognized rating agencies of Moody’s Investors Service, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings respectively.

The Team

Kristin Faust

Executive Director

(312) 836-5314


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Lawrence Grisham

Assistant Executive Director/Chief of Staff

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Ed Gin

Chief Financial Officer

(312) 536-7345


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Tracy Grimm

Deputy Chief Financial Officer/Assistant Treasurer

(312) 836-7345


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Maureen G. Ohle

General Counsel/Assistant Executive Director/Assistant Secretary

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Timothy Hicks


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